BULBO develops TAILOR-MADE projects on Silica (microcristalized glass) & Keramite (ultra-slim finished ceramic slabs) through multi-disciplinary methods such as: decorative arts, interior design, product design, traditional handcrafts and modern techniques. It evolves projects for private clients and companies with her creative vision. Its attention to detail and the combination of contemporary and traditional codes characterize its projects.

BULBO launches 60 projects on the market divided into 5 collections, stories of sensory experiences, travels, feelings, moods: ideas and suggestions to transform the spaces in which we live in a magical and exciting way.

"The world is increasingly a big soup where everything fits together and where the skill lies in capturing aggregations never considered before.

We are Not Just surface." 

(Matteo Coppelli)

Artisan tradition and advanced industrial techniques, manual skills and technology, are the combination that characterizes and enhances Bulbo's Italian know-how. Our production is internal in all its phases: from the creation of the graphics, to the printing on our certified supports, to the surface treatments carried out with a state-of-the-art industrial plant, always using the most advanced technologies that guarantee maximum performance even on large dimensions.


The ancient art of transforming sand with fire and air finds in Silica a new tool for expressing style and defining the material; it’s a micro-crystallized technical glass, with a thickness from 4 to 12mm and sizes up to 1000mm x 3000mm, combined with fibrous phase metamers, able to satisfy the most ambitious aesthetic and performance requirements. Glass is an exclusive instrument of expression, capable of giving shape and interpretation to the creativity of both those who directly work it and those who design its shape and color thanks to its elegant transparencies and its ethereal texture: satin, glossy or translucent surfaces offer fascinating plays of light.Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, also for backlit walls and floors using thicknesses in compliance with current standards in terms of durability and resistance to foot traffic; ideal for spas and wellness center.


Large-sized ceramic slabs meets the explosion of color, creativity and the charm of decoration: an innovative eco-friendly surface treatment with compact cryptocrystalline quartz polymerized at 450 ° C, transforms ultra-thin ceramic into Keramite, implementing its original technical, aesthetic and antibacterial performance. The ceramic slab becomes a blank canvas on which to paint beauty and emotion with a new exclusive technology that allows you to achieve color results that are clearly superior to what is still on the market today. Keramite’s touch gives the softness and silky warmth of the soft-touch and thanks to the technological peculiarities of our system combined with the organoleptic characteristics of the crypto-crystals, it’s possible to adjust the gloss surface level passing from an enveloping ultra-opaque to austere and luxurious style of polished gloss, finally culminating into the creation of micro-textures in relief that give life to the material. Some of the Bulbo graphics are also offered with Gold & Platinum inserts in a path of opulent style, elegant customization and absolute luxury.